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What to Do if You are Being Investigated For a Sex Crime

According to estimates by organizations that monitor sexual violence statistics, a sex crime is perpetrated every two minutes in the United States. Although more than half of all sex crimes are never reported to law enforcement agencies, courts and law firms are constantly handling such cases. According to the Texas Penal Code, in the U.S. more >

What are the Legal Penalties for Child Pornography in Texas?

The state of Texas has very clear and defined penalties for illegal sexual activities that target children. According to Chapter 43 of the Texas Penal Code, any depiction of minors under the age of 18 involved in sexual behaviors can be prosecuted as child pornography charges. The penalties for this crime depend upon the facts more >

Convicted Rapist Vacated of 124-Year Prison Sentence

A judge in Los Angeles has vacated the 124-year prison sentence of a convicted rapist. A new hearing on April 4 will decide Andrew Luster’s new sentence. Luster is a great-grandson of Max Factor, an entrepreneur and founder of a popular cosmetics brand by the same name. A jury previously found him guilty of 86 more >

Teacher’s Aide Sentenced For Having Sex With Student

A former teacher’s aide from west Texas was sentenced last Monday to more than two years in prison for traveling with a 15-year-old student to Oklahoma and having sex with him. In November of last year, Shanice Adel Lambert, 38, pleaded guilty to a charge of travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct. more >

Waco Police Arrest Man for 2011 Indecent Exposure Incident

Police in Waco have arrested a man who is a suspect in a 2011 indecent exposure incident. In November 2011, a concerned mother contacted police after she witnessed a man exposing himself to her child. The officers secured an arrest warrant after conducting an investigation, but Felipe Enriquez, 59, had vanished by then. Law enforcement more >

What is a Sex Crime?

Sex crimes are very serious criminal offenses that involve using force or threats to cause a person to engage in a sexual act that he or she does not want. Some sex crimes are state offenses while others are prosecuted by the federal government. Crossing a state line during the commission of a crime increases more >

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