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How to Fight a Shoplifting Charge

When it comes to a shoplifting arrest, many people assume that they will automatically be found guilty of it. They also think that since it is a misdemeanor crime, there is no need to try to challenge the case in a court of law. If you’ve been arrested for shoplifting, you might be surprised to more >

What Acts are Considered Theft in Texas?

There are many different kinds of criminal theft charges in the state of Texas, but they all involve taking something without first obtaining permission from the owner. Illegally taking someone else’s property constitutes an act of moral turpitude and is punishable by imprisonment and financial penalties. One useful way of avoiding the establishment of a more >

What Constitutes Shoplifting in Texas

The following is a guest article courtesy of Rosenblum Law Firm. Shoplifting in general falls under a theft or larceny crime and is penalized generally based on the value of the merchandise that is stolen. Shoplifting is taking an item from a store with the intention of not paying the full value for the item. more >

Teen is Accused of Shoplifting, Assaults Police Officer

A teenager was taken into custody after he allegedly assaulted a police officer at a sporting goods store in Fort Bend County on Monday morning. The officers at the scene said a 14-year-old boy who was accused of shoplifting confronted workers and waved a knife at them. He also supposedly flaunted the knife at an more >

Child Taken From Parents During Carjacking in Houston

A 5-year-old boy was temporarily taken from his parents during a carjacking in southeast Houston. The boy’s parents were filling up bottles of water in a grocery store and had left the child in their white pickup truck. The couple walked outside after a few minutes and found that their truck and son were both more >

Calif. Man Accused of Stealing From Women He Met Online

A man from Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County was arrested on Valentine’s Day for allegedly robbing women he met through online dating services. Jeffrey Elvington, 39, told police that he stole from the women he dated after gaining their trust. For two years, the suspect scammed at least five women and stole various belongings more >

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